About Me

I am an author, speaker, and scholar working in the area of theology and culture. I hail originally from Portland, Oregon, completed a B.A. in English at Wheaton College, acquired an M.Div. and Ph.D. in theology from Princeton Theological Seminary, and have since worked in the publishing industry as an academic editor.

My life is divided into two parts. Professionally, I am the acquisitions editor at the University Press of Kansas, where I oversee the publishing program in political science and law. UPK is known for its prestigious line of books in American political thought, the U.S. presidency, and constitutional law, among other areas. I oversee books in the following series: American Political Thought, American Presidency Series, American Presidential Elections, Congressional Leaders, Constitutional Thinking, Landmark Law Cases and American Society, and Studies in Government and Public Policy. In addition to these series, I am particularly interested in books that explore U.S. politics and law in relation to religion (e.g., the religious beliefs of key American leaders, law cases pertaining to the exercise of religion, involvement of religion in U.S. domestic and foreign policy), philosophy (e.g., the political philosophy of the founders, contemporary political theory), race (e.g., the law and politics of mass incarceration, suppression of minority voters, immigration and refugee policies, race-based redistricting), economics (e.g., economic inequality, influence of neoliberalism, economic imperialism through foreign policy), and gender and sexuality (e.g., role of women in American politics, women’s rights, marriage equality, the legal and political struggle for LBGTQ justice). If you are a scholar working in these or other related fields, I would be glad to speak with you about publishing with UPK.

Academically, I maintain an active research and publishing program. I am the author of The Mission of Demythologizing: Rudolf Bultmann’s Dialectical TheologyRudolf Bultmann: A Companion to His Theology, and most recently, The God Who Saves: A Dogmatic Sketch. I am also the coeditor (with W. Travis McMaken) of Karl Barth in Conversation. My current research explores the intersection of hermeneutics, intercultural theology, and modern Protestant theology, particularly the work of Rudolf Bultmann and Karl Barth. I am currently working on an introduction to Bultmann for Bloomsbury/T&T Clark, a Bultmann reader for Fortress Press, a volume of Barth and Bultmann’s writings during the height of their debate for Cascade Books, and an edited volume on universalism for Baker Academic.

You can find more information about my academic work in my CV.

I am also available to speak at your church, school, or other institution. I have spoken on several occasions about the publishing industry and would be happy to offer a seminar for anyone interested in publishing their work. I am also available to speak on matters related to my scholarly work and academic expertise, such as biblical interpretation, Christianity and culture, modern theology, or American evangelicalism.

“It is clear that Congdon is comfortable working within, expositing, and evaluating the whole range of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Protestant theology.” —Kenneth Oakes, University of Notre Dame

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